Road salting 'will be a challenge'

A report has warned that meeting road salt requirements could be a "challenge" this winter.

The Whitehall-commissioned report by transport expert David Quarmby also said that more needed to be spent by transport operators to fight the icy conditions of the season.

Mr Quarmby said: "We are all struggling but maybe businesses and the Government will make a decision to up (the level) of resources."

He also said it was necessary to improve the quality of train disruption-related information that is given to passengers.

Mr Quarmby's report on how transport systems in England coped with the extreme weather between November 24 and December 9 this year was commissioned by Transport Secretary Philip Hammond.

The report said: "The use of road salt has been high so far. In spite of record salt stocks and the new national strategic reserve, Government and highway authorities may find it challenging to meet requirements for the rest of the winter.

"To ease the large demand for road salt, a priority should be making the guidance on lower spread rates produced by the national winter service research group available to all authorities urgently in an easily accessible format."

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