Road safety experts discuss cuts

A seminar organised by a road safety charity and held in Birmingham saw experts from around the world discussing ways to prevent road accidents and continue to save lives in the wake of public spending cuts.

The Road Safety Seminar organised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) saw participants from as far as Cyprus, Hong Kong and Nigeria, as well as from around the UK.

They discussed the impact of reduced public spending on road safety and casualties, which have a direct impact on car insurance premiums.

Tom Mullarkey, chief executive, RoSPA, said: "In the light of reduced public spending, it is more important than ever that road safety is undertaken efficiently and effectively, and I hope that this seminar will provide road safety professionals with plenty of ideas to take away and put into practice."

The Department for Transport said it will publish a strategic framework for road safety by April this year, while the UN is set to launch its Decade of Action for Road Safety program on May 11 - highlighting that road casualty reduction will remain a global priority.

Mr Mullarkey added: "With 1.3million people killed in road accidents around the world, and tens of millions injured, Britain must play its part in the Decade of Action.

"RoSPA intends to continue improving the UK's accident and injury rate and we look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with other countries - as well as learning from their successes."

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