Road safety education reform urged

A new report has called for the need to reassess the implementation and evaluation of road-safety education to ensure the efficiency of the scheme.

In a report published by theRAC Foundation, Frank McKenna, a professor of psychology and a director of perception and performance, stated that road-safety education schemes are not always effective.

He said: "Educational interventions are often designed in the absence of theory or any formal body of evidence. In some circumstances they may inadvertently increase exposure to risk."

Prof McKenna said that there were many crashes involving highly skilled drivers.

Maintaining that educational campaigns alone are not enough to curb smoking, drinking, drug abuse and over-eating. He said it just creates an environment where people find compulsions - such as a smoking ban - more acceptable.

Prof McKenna also said that some believe educational measures divert attention and resources away from other safety measures that could bring better results.

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