Road safety device being worked on

A hand-held device is being developed by University of Aberdeen researchers which could help save lives at road accidents in remote areas.

More than half (60%) of crashes which included a death in Scotland in 2008 took place on rural roads. The location means it can take some time for police and ambulance to arrive on the scene.

As well as giving medical advice for emergency service members who arrive on the accident site first, the device would also use a sensor to monitor and record the patient's condition.

Professor David Godden, from the University of Aberdeen's Centre for Rural Health, said: "We are investigating the creation of a device which would provide crucial support for the first person to arrive on the scene - helping them to make decisions and store key information on the injured person's condition."

Statistics from road safety charity Brake show that people are 3.5 times more likely to be killed on a rural road than an urban one.

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