Road rage against funeral corteges

Some frustrated drivers have been committing acts of road rage against funeral corteges, with motorists in the north of England apparently showing the least respect, a survey has indicated.

Around half of the 2,088 people surveyed reported seeing road rage incidents against funeral processions. However, three-quarters said they would consider pulling over for a procession and nine-tenths would slow down to stay behind the cortege.

Older drivers, those over 65, are twice as likely as under-45s to show proper respect, said the poll.

Nearly three-quarters of Co-operative Funeralcare staff who were questioned said there had been an increase in discourteous behaviour in the last five years.

David Collingwood, operations director for Co-operative Funeralcare, said: "The situation has got increasingly worse over the years, with more traffic on today's roads and people's busier lifestyles.

"Other road users tend to be so impatient nowadays and their main concern is to get to their end destination as quickly as possibly, regardless of other traffic on the road."

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