Road rage affects three in five

A poll of motorists has revealed that more than half have been the victims of road rage in the past 12 years.

The survey from Sainsbury's Car Insurance also found about 6% of drivers have been carjacked, or know someone who has.

Men aged 18-24 were most vulnerable to road rage, with 69% having been victims, the poll of responses from 2,011 people showed.

Head of Sainsbury's Car Insurance, Joanne Mallon, said: "A worrying number of motorists have unfortunately suffered from road rage or carjacking and the result can be both mentally and physically scarring for the victims."

The most unlikely group to become aggressive were motorists aged over 65 who had also experienced the smallest number of incidents.

Driving habits which most often trigger road rage were found to be tailgating, poor judgment when pulling out of a junction, changing lanes without indicating and driving too slowly, with even over-revving at traffic lights likely to spark anger among some motorists.

Welsh motorists were least likely to encounter this type of aggression, while people in south-west England were most likely to be road rage victims.

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