Road offenders escape driving bans

Road offenders escape driving bans

Five drivers with more than 37 points on their licences have escaped driving bans because of the "exceptional hardship" it would have caused them.

Figures released by the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency following a Freedom of Information request by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) show one of the motorists, a provisional licence holder from Oxford, amassed a grand total of 51 points.

People who receive 12 or more points on their licence within three years are usually disqualified from driving, although judges are allowed to show leniency if it is thought that a ban - six months in the case of a first disqualification - would have an exceptional impact on their life.

The driver with 51 points was caught speeding three times in a 30mph zone and has seven offences of not providing their details when requested by the authorities.

Another from Basildon accumulated 42 points, also for failing to supply driver details. They had previously held points for speeding, including one incident where they were clocked travelling at 109mph.

One from Burnley escaped a ban despite racking up 38 points after being caught breaking the limit in 30mph zones a total of 10 times.

The IAM study also found that a dozen people have been able to accumulate more than 28 points.

Chief executive Sarah Sillars warns that drivers may believe motoring laws are "ineffective or unimportant" if persistent offenders are not disqualified.

She wants to see a "joined-up approach to the judicial process", rather than having individual courts making decisions on prosecutions, something which she claims can lead to inconsistencies and devalue the simple 12 points and you are out road safety message.

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