Road named Britain's most dangerous

A picturesque route in the Peak District has been named as the country's most dangerous road.

The A537 Macclesfield to Buxton road came top of the risk list for accidents in Britain, according to the ITV programme Police Camera Action.

The programme worked with the European road safety organisation EuroRAP to analyse main roads by compiling the number of serious injuries against the volume of traffic.

The single-lane A537, known as the "Cat and Fiddle", has had 250 fatal or serious accidents for every billion kilometres travelled on it.

EuroRAP has given the A537 a black (high) risk rating, meaning a driver is up to 30 times more likely to be killed or injured on that stretch of road than a lower (green) risk road.

Police Camera Action said 40% of drivers surveyed by EuroRAP believed motorways or dual carriageways to be Britain's most dangerous types of road when, in reality, statistics show that drivers are three times more likely to be killed on a rural road than any other type of road.

The Highways Agency spokeswoman said: "UK roads remain amongst the safest in the world and we've made significant progress in recent years in reducing incidents and casualties on England's motorways and major A roads."

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