Road hogs 'tamed by Highway Code'

Road hogs can be tamed and road rage defused by brushing up on the Highway Code, says the RAC Foundation.

As National Anti-Bullying week gets under way, a fresh look at the rules of the road can help keep the worst aspects of motoring madness in check.

Many confrontations result when over-confidence that might have led to disaster mean that respect is lost for other drivers or the shared space.

Similar situations can occur when drivers and other road users such as cyclists are unsure of each others' intentions. Knowledge of the code can help everyone to do the right thing and be confident on the road.

For instance, when following a vehicle that is being driven at well below the speed limit, what should you do? Answer: be careful of and considerate towards all types of road users, especially those requiring extra care (Rule 204).

The code also urges drivers to be understanding if other road users cause problems - they may be inexperienced, or not know the area well (Rule 147).

Finally: be patient, and remember that anyone can make a mistake.

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