Road deaths costing billions a year

Road deaths costing billions a year

Each death on the UK's roads costs the economy £1.74 million - with the total annual cost of all road accidents estimated to be around £15bn.

The Department of Transport figures show that there is £7.26bn spent on 'human costs', which include injury effects like pain and distress on the part of the victims and their families.

The overall costs cover deaths, serious and slight injuries, and collisions involving just damage.

Such large figures are a reminder of other costs to road users, such as the effect accidents can have on premiums for car insurance .

The figures reveal that 2013 saw £1.92bn of output lost and £471m in medical and ambulance costs.

T here was also £4.71bn of property damage, including to vehicles, while costs to police reached £213m and those for insurance and administration £139m.

However, that total figure for last year showed a 3% drop on the estimated costs the previous year. R oad deaths were also shown to have dropped last year to the lowest yearly figure since the start of records in 1926 - by 2% to 1,713.

Neil Greig, policy research director at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said the institute wants attitudes and skills boosted by greater use of opportunities for training and partnerships, in view of the continued problem of deaths and serious injuries among motorcyclists.

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