Road crash investigation body urged

Road crash investigation body urged

A special body to investigate road crashes has been called for by a leading safety group.

The Transport Safety Commission (TSC) says that rail, sea and air accidents all have such a facility - b ut there is nothing in place for roads, despite cars being around for over 120 years.

The RAC Foundation calls this oversight "perverse".

The TSC wants a single independent body to oversee investigating accidents regardless of money. The commission's inaugural inquiry spawned a new study called "UK Transport Safety: who is responsible?"

Among its recommendations are better accident investigation arrangements so that prosecution and learning are kept apart.

The report called for road traffic crime victims to be treated better and for the formation of an autonomous road safety advisory group.

The commission wants the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and its staff to understand that road casualties pertaining to work fall under their remit. It also wants the Government to forge ahead with setting new targets to markedly reduce road casualties and more money invested in road safety projects.

Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said: "It seems perverse that we effectively have double standards when it comes to investigating deaths among the travelling public."

Prof Glaister, who was co-chair of the inaugural TSC inquiry, added: "Perhaps there is a feeling that road users are in charge of their own destiny and hence their lives are not as important.

"Yet many casualties are innocent parties and we should be protecting them as carefully as anyone who pays a rail or air fare.

"That all our recommendations refer to road rather than aviation and rail safety is a sad indictment of a continued collective failure to tackle an appalling situation that somehow is seen as acceptable by those in authority."

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