Road condition deteriorates - study

Research into England's road conditions has shown that about 6% of the network is in a poor state.

Data released by the Department for Transport (DfT) underlined the condition of A roads is better when compared with B roads and minor routes.

Roads in the East Midlands were in the best condition in 2009/10, followed by London and the North East. Meanwhile the South West and Yorkshire and the Humber had the worst-maintained network.

The study involved England's motorways, trunk roads and local authority roads. And the figures were compared with those recorded in 2006/07 - when the condition "score" was set to 100.

Any increase in the score indicates that the proportion of roads in "good" condition has increased while decreases show conditions have deteriorated.

The latest figure showed that the score for 2009/10 was 98 compared with 100 in 2008/09.

Around 68% of the classified road network (motorways, A roads and B roads) were described as being in a good condition, 26% in a reasonable condition and 6% in a poor condition.

About 4% of the motorway and A road network required further investigation to assess its immediate maintenance needs in 2009/10 - a slightly lower figure than 2008/09.

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