Road chiefs warn over grit stocks

Highway chiefs have already used nearly half of their winter stocks of salt, despite bringing in record amount.

Forecasters have predicted that the big freeze will continue well past Christmas, prompting a number of councils across the west of England to ration their supplies of grit.

Wiltshire's head of road services said 7,000 tonnes of the 13,700 tonnes ordered have already been used, and expressed concerns that stocks are running low. The council has now asked for extra supplies from the national reserve.

Graeme Hay, manager of the council's highways department, told the Western Daily Press: "We're going to have to be cautious in our approach.

"We will put down sufficient to do the job, but not too much."

In Somerset, the highways team, which has used 2,000 tonnes of grit over the last two weeks, has asked the Government to provide more supplies.

In Plymouth, only major routes have been gritted with supplies beginning to run low, but the council received a new delivery of salt earlier in the week.

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