Rising fuel prices to be debated

The cost of fuel at garage forecourts up and down the country will be debated in Parliament.

Rising fuel prices have sparked uproar among motorists in recent months and with the cost of oil now falling, pressure group FairFuelUK is demanding an explanation as to why drivers are still paying a premium.

Road users have come under increasing financial pressure over recent years with the increasing cost ofcar insurance also hitting many motorists hard.

The debate in Westminster Hall will be attended by motoring journalist Quentin Willson who has spearheaded the FairFuelUK campaign calling for lower petrol and diesel prices.

Conservative MP for Harlow, Robert Halfon has called the debate following complaints from his constituents that fuel prices are spiralling out of control. He said that lowering the cost of fuel could help reinvigorate the economy by putting more money in the pockets of motorists and businesses that rely on driving.

He said: "Motorists and businesses are genuinely suffering, and the high fuel price is an obstacle to bringing jobs back and getting our economy moving again.

"The oil price is falling internationally but hard-pressed British motorists, businesses and road freight companies are still paying inflated prices at the pump. That's why I have written to all the major energy companies, to ask if they will lower their prices across the country."

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