Rise in unroadworthy cars expected

An increase in the number of unroadworthy vehicles is expected as motorists look to save money.

The survey by Auto Trader found 51% of motorists are worried about paying for repairs which were found during an MOT inspection. A further 10% even waited until after the due date before they had an MOT done while 7% admitted to being late in renewing road tax.

It also found 32% of motorists who have a problem with their vehicle were putting repairs off, nearly 15% of which were said to be "quite major" and 5% "very major".

Matt Thompson, Auto Trader marketing director, said: "It is extremely worrying that nearly half of all UK motorists are prepared to drive around in an unroadworthy vehicle to try and save money during these difficult times.

"We believe that motorists on the whole are very responsible, but with tightening budgets and possible job losses looming, motorists are being very careful with their money and feel that they have no option but to sacrifice essential vehicle maintenance as the cost of motoring continues to increase."

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