Rise in non-existent car scams

Drivers looking to buy a used car online have been warned about a scam in Scotland, where unsuspecting buyers are asked to hand over the money for a vehicle that does not even exist.

Used vehicle expert HPI has seen a growing number of scam artists selling non-existent vehicles online.

The latest scam, where tricksters use fake documentation to dupe buyers, is being operated from Thurso, in the far north of Scotland.

A bargain car is advertised for sale, but it is so far away from the buyer that the seller offers to transport it to them at their own expense.

All the buyer needs to do, the advert says, is pay for the car - often through an elaborate method using Western Union Money Transfer techniques. But of course, the non-existent car never arrives.

HPI has warned people to be on their guard for such scams.

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