Rise in demand for used luxury cars

Demand for used luxury cars has not been affected by the recent increases in UK fuel prices, according to industry experts Glass's.

While the value of a family car has risen by at least 2% since January, large 4x4s have registered an increase of twice this amount.

Even though current fuel prices are at record highs, luxury cars as well as supercars are faring well by following the upward trend of family cars.

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Glass's Managing Editor, Adrian Rushmore said: "Given the series of fuel price increases, it is perhaps surprising that there has not been any kind of backlash in the premium sectors this time around," explained Glass's Managing Editor, Adrian Rushmore.

"In fact, the sector that could be described as the most fuel inefficient appears to be thriving, namely the prestige 4x4 sector that has recorded price resilience not seen in any other area of the market."

"Fuel is the second largest cost of vehicle ownership, so there is a strong argument that all used car buyers should give more consideration to pump prices. A used car purchase only takes place every three or more years, so it is important to consider not only fuel prices today, but also the extent to which they are likely to increase over the entire period of ownership."

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