'Rip-off relatives' hit car buyers

Buying a second-hand car from a relative turns out to be more expensive in the long term, according to over 65% of consumers surveyed by website Trusted Dealers.

This is despite the fact that 42% have finalised a deal with a relative with the hope of saving cash, especially at a time when car insurance costs are soaring.

Over two-thirds (67%) of respondents who approached a family member for a second-hand car said they are not happy with their purchase.

Nearly half (45%) said the car which they bought from their relatives had mechanical problems, while 15% said they were charged more than the market value.

Another common complaint is breaking down (12%).

Trusted Dealers managing director Neil Addley said: "The particularly alarming figure was the high percentage of cars that ended up costing buyers more than they expected in the long run."

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