Right air pressure 'can save money'

Tyre company Bridgestone has urged companies to check whether their vans and trucks have the correct air pressure in their tyres as that could significantly reduce their fuel bill.

Andy Mathias, UK TBR product and marketing manager at Bridgestone, also said a low rolling resistance tyre could have a huge impact on fuel expenditure.

He added: "A reduction in rolling resistance of 20% can reduce fuel expenditure by 5% per annum.

"Keeping the correct air pressure in your tyres is as important as giving your engine a tune up. With the right amount of air pressure, your tyres wear longer, save fuel, enhance handling and prevent accidents.

"The effects of not maintaining correct air pressure are poor fuel mileage, loss of tyre life, bad handling and potential vehicle overloading."

Bridgestine UK also announced it will launch a new generation of low rolling resistance truck tyres called Ecopia II next year. The company said the tyres, which are based on the existing Ecopia range, can help make motoring more economical.

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