Restaurant owner sued by clampers

Calls for a crackdown on illegal clamping have been made after a restaurant owner was taken to court for urging his customers to avoid a car park used by a car clamping firm.

The restaurant proprietor was sued for loss of trade by the clamping firm after he told his customers that they were likely to be clamped if they used the neighbouring car park. However, the court rejected the claim, which was subsequently brought to the attention of MPs by Commons Leader Sir George Young.

Sir George revealed the details of the incident following calls from Conservative MP Lee Scott (Ilford N) to introduce new laws aimed at addressing the problem of illegal clamping.

Sir George said: "At my advice bureau last Saturday, the owner of an Indian restaurant said he had been taken to court by a car clamping firm because he had advised his customers not to park in the car park where they might be clamped.

"He was being sued for loss of trade. Happily the restaurant owner won the case but I think that underlines the need to have another look at the regime that deals with car clamping."

Mr Scott added that rogue clampers are "spreading like wildfire" and causing "great grief" to his constituents.

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