Renault withdraws Bluetooth option

A shortage of supply parts has forced Renault to temporarily withdraw the Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone option on most of its vehicles.

The French automaker had earlier announced that almost all of its models will come with Bluetooth technology.

However, with the parts supplier unable to supply sufficient quantities of Bluetooth technology, best-selling Renaults such as the Clio and Megane will be shipped without the feature.

The lack of Bluetooth in these models could last until around October.

The only models that will feature Bluetooth over the next few months are: Renault Megane CC, Renault Laguna Hatch/Sport Tourer (with optional Initialie pack), Renault Laguna Coupe and Renault Espace.

To make up for the shortage, Renault is offering customers an alternative at dealers: for £250, a Parrot Bluetooth hands-free kit can be fitted.

The lack of supply is most likely due to the Japan earthquake, with many European and US manufacturers suffering parts shortages due to Japan suppliers being offline.

Ford even had to develop new paint colours due to the non-availability of a certain paint pigment.

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