Renault reveals self-drive vision

Renault reveals self-drive vision

Renault is hoping to introduce self-driving systems to its cars by the year 2020.

The French car giant believes the technology will mean drivers are less tired and stressed and also give them the ability to multi-task in vehicles. Its idea of autonomous driving could prove tricky, however, as it requires roads that are free of pedestrians and other hazards.

Cars would be restricted to 18mph while under automatic control, which would provide considerable environmental benefits but mean motorists wouldn't get anywhere too fast. They will be able to concentrate on other things while on the move though, because the cars involved would be connected to the internet, allowing use of mobile devices.

Renault also intends to develop self-parking technology for pre-booked spaces in car parks. The firm would use the kind of technology that is likely to be readily available in the future to cut costs and make their products affordable for all motorists. Whether it will reducecar insurance premiums remains to be seen.

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