Renault launches own brand of tyres

French carmaker Renault has offered its own brand of tyres under the Motrio range of products.

Renault is the first car manufacturer to launch its own brand of tyres, with prices starting from £36 per tyre fully fitted.

Aimed at customers of older Renault cars, the tyre range includes the Motrio Impulsion for smaller models such as the Twingo and Clio and the Impulsion+ for sports cars.

The tread patterns of the new tyres are designed to ensure a quiet driving experience, as well as smooth steering and braking.

The new tyres promise high performance during both wet and dry weather conditions.

Under the Motrio name, Renault also sells spare parts and accessories, including batteries, oil, servicing equipment and wiper blades.

The company hopes customers will head to its workshops for the repair work of tyres.

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