Renault heading for F1 tyre wall?

Renault heading for F1 tyre wall?

The Formula One rumour mill has received another twist with reports that team Renault may also be shunted off the track following BMW Sauber's decision to pull out.

With the French carmaker feeling the pinch - its share price is down 80%, with revenues down 7% to €37.8 billion (£32.2 billion) - team boss Flavio Briatore is trying to raise the money to keep them on the grid as an independent.

That quest may not have been helped by the team`s suspension from Valencia`s August 23 fixture after Fernando Alonso shed a tyre during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, the FIA is saying that BMW Sauber's withdrawal might have been avoided if the team had been allowed to implement cost-cutting plans.

They are not alone, with financial restrictions in the pipeline being the only things that have reportedly persuaded Toyota and Mercedes to stay in the chase - for now.

Anything the latter does will have Renault-like repercussions for McLaren, 40% owned by Mercedes, and Brawn GP and Force India, which use Mercedes engines.

Toyota`s swan-like demeanour - looking serene while paddling like mad below the surface - is reflected in a statement that says: "Through cost reduction we will continue our Formula One activities. Our situation remains unchanged."

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