Renault announces twin turbo engine

Renault announces twin turbo engine

Renault has unveiled an engine which, it says, offers good energy efficiency and greater driving enjoyment.

The new Energy dCi 160 Twin Turbo is the first 1.6-litre diesel power-plant to benefit from twin-turbocharging.

The 1,598cc engine delivers 160hp and 380Nm of torque.

Renault says these figures mean the engine feels and performs more like a two-litre engine.

However, the improved engine also comes with fuel consumption and CO2 emission savings of 25%.

The engine uses Twin Turbo technology to bring low-end torque and high power at higher revs. Its designers say this brings enhanced driving enjoyment.

There are also two sequential turbo-compressors.

Firstly, a very low inertia turbo provides high low-end torque for crisp pull-aways and mid-range acceleration. Some 90% of the peak torque is available from 1,500rpm, meaning there is a better pick-up response at low revs and incisive acceleration.

Meanwhile, the second turbo controls the higher end of the engine. It offers high power of 100hp per litre at faster engine speeds, meaning smooth acceleration no matter what the rev count

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