Remove danger dog, driver told

A driver who has sported a brass model of his dead dog on the bonnet of his car for 55 years has been ordered to take it off for safety reasons.

A traffic officer ordered Raymond Smith to remove the two-inch model of his boxer Colonel from his Fiat Panda or face a £50 fine and penalty points.

A police spokesman explained that cars are designed to allow pedestrians to roll over the bonnet if they are hit, but a fixed object might prevent that from happening.

Retired mechanic and test driver Mr Smith, from Dorset, has attached the model to approximately 50 cars over the years, and had it made when Colonel died in the 1950s.

"They told me I had a dangerous dog on my car. It seems quite ridiculous," he told the Daily Telegraph.

The former RAF officer said he enjoyed having Colonel on the front to "lead the way".

The Dorset police spokesman said: "Objects on certain types of cars, for example Mercedes and Rolls-Royce, are designed so that in a collision they fold down, therefore they meet construction and use regulations. Fixed objects on bonnets are a safety issue because if you were hit by a car you roll over the bonnet."

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