Red means go for impatient baby

Temporary traffic lights are an annoyance to most, but one couple was left cursing all the way to the hospital after the delay caused their baby to be born in a car footwell.

Clare Tyrrell called her husband Tim at work in Elkins boat yard on Christchurch Quay, Dorset, when she went into labour at about 2.30pm.

The couple, both 31 and from Christchurch, set off to Poole Hospital thinking they had time as their other daughter Ruby, two, had to be induced after a 15-hour labour.

But as they hit temporary traffic lights, little sister Kate chose the delay as the perfect time to be born - in the front seat footwell of their Peugeot 807.

Mr Tyrell said: "Just before we got to Poole Hospital there were some temporary traffic lights and Clare said she could feel the head.

"She put her hands down and the baby came out.

"There was little Kate in the floor well of the car front seat."

Mr Tyrrell grabbed a nurse as they pulled up outside the hospital and the delivery team went to help Mrs Tyrrell, a PE teacher, and her newborn who needed warming up.

Little Kate weighed in at 5lb 3oz.

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