Recycled tyres used for speed humps

Rubber speed humps made out of recycled car tyres have been laid on the streets of Leicestershire.

The low cost, eco-friendly solution to speed management in the county has saved taxpayers some £15,000 off normal construction costs while reducing the carbon footprint of the region - by being more energy efficient to produce than traditional speed humps.

Leicestershire County Council said the new humps will be rolled out at suitable sites across the county following their introduction in Birstall.

Lesley Pendleton, county council cabinet member for environment and transport, said the recycled tyres provide the perfect material for the much-maligned speed hump.

"We are always seeking new ways of working, particularly if it offers better value for money and environmental benefits," she said.

"This modern type of speed measure is made of recycled material which is far less energy-intensive to produce.

"The improvements are designed to slow motorists down, boost the quality of life for local residents and improve safety for all road users."

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