Record attempt steam car unveiled

A British-built steam car is to be unveiled before it attempts to break the longest standing land speed record.

The vehicle will be tested at Thorney Island in Portsmouth before trying to beat the record of 128mph set by Fred Marriot in 1906.

The team behind the project, called the British Steam Car Challenge, includes the test driver Don Wales, 42, from Surrey, who is nephew of the late Donald Campbell and grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell, who both set speed records on land and water.

The driver of the vehicle during the record attempt in America later this year will be 52-year-old Charles Burnett III, from Lymington, in Hampshire.

The steam car will be shipped to salt flats at Bonneville in the United States in July this year in preparation for the World Record attempt between August 25 and 27.

The project aims to achieve 200mph in the steam car beating Marriott's average of 128mph over a measured mile in his Stanley Steamer.

A spokesman for the project said: "Whilst the obvious goal of this project is to bring another land speed record to Britain, there is a longer-term objective which will have an impact on the future of automobile technology.

"This project couples the wealth of steam knowledge gained from Victorian times onward with some of the most advanced technologies available."

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