Reckless driver crackdown planned

Plans to crack down on speeding motorists and those who drive while under the influence of drink or drugs have been announced by the Government.

The plans, unveiled by road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick, include the possible creation of a new offence to bring drug-driving more into line with drink-driving.

Driving after taking a drug "which is both illegal and impairing" would be illegal under the new drug-drive law if it is brought in.

The Government is also proposing to introduce a higher tariff of six penalty points on a licence for drivers who exceed the speed limit by a dangerous and very large margin - such as by more than 20mph. And it intends to consult on a possible reduction in the legal alcohol limit.

Commenting on the proposals, the RAC's motoring strategist, Adrian Tink, said: "For the majority of Britain's law-abiding motorists, these proposals should in principle be welcomed.

"The worry for most motorists will be how the 'sliding scale' of penalties would work in practice - limits and punishments have to be clear and fair."

He added: "When it comes to drink-driving, we know it's socially unacceptable, and it's slightly disappointing to see the Government potentially backing away from reducing the legal limit - something RAC knows that nearly 80% of motorists back."

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