Rare Lamborghini to be sold in June

Rare Lamborghini to be sold in June

Only 20 Lamborghini Reventons were ever made, and when one of them goes under the hammer this summer it's expected to sell for £1 million.

The vehicle, thought to be the only one in the UK, will be sold at the H&H Classics sale at London's Motorexpo, which is taking place between June 11 and 17 at Canary Wharf.

All 20 vehicles were sold before the car had actually been seen by the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2007, even though it cost one million euro plus local taxes.

Graeme Carver, Motorexpo CEO, said: "The appearance, let alone sale, of a car as rare as the Lamborghini Reventon is sure to attract a large number of supercar enthusiasts and collectors to Motorexpo this summer."

The high performance car will make a dent in the bank account of whoever buys it, however they should take the time to arrangebreakdown cover for peace of mind in the event of any future problems.

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