Rail whistle app to improve safety

Network Rail and satellite navigation provider Garmin have worked together to create a new application to improve safety at level crossings.

The application can be downloaded onto Garmin nuvi or nuLink sat navs free of charge from its website.

It works by emitting a loud sound similar to a train whistle once motorists approach a level crossing. An 'X' then pops up with the name of the level crossing on the screen, warning drivers to be cautious.

The new technology was developed with the aim of cutting down road accidents and encouraging motorists to keep stick to road rules while driving.

Both companies are also considering plans to come up with a smarter version where drivers can set their journeys to avoidlevel crossings.

Network Rail director of operational services Dyan Crowther said: "Sat nav technology has proved to be a great help to motorists in alerting them to what's ahead on the road, so developing an app around level crossings seemed a smart idea and we hope it will be a useful aid to motorists as the roads and the railway get even busier."

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