Radios safer for drivers, study

Radios safer for drivers, study

A car radio is less dangerous for a driver's concentration than an iPod, according to a US study.

Drivers are more likely to be able to keep an eye on the road while adjusting the radio than they are while searching through an MP3 device, researchers suggest.

Most of today's new cars (nine in 10) have adapted stereo systems to allow music lovers to play portable devices while driving.

But experts said that while radio is also a distraction while driving, its simplicity makes it a better alternative to more high-tech options.

They also concluded that the larger screens seen on MP3s, or the addition of on-hand controls, do little to help avoid distraction.

Warnings over any type of distraction among drivers are a reminder to motorists of the importance of comprehensive car insurance cover.

The study participants were 50 young people aged between 18 and 25 who drove in a car simulator.

The review in the Journal of the Human and Ergonomics Society said: "A simple task of selecting a song from a list can seduce you into looking away from the road longer than you might have intended, and long looks away from the road can kill."

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