Radio host slammed for bicycle rant

A radio host who said that motorists should "crush" bicycle riders on roads as they do not follow traffic regulations, has been criticised by Marta Delgado, Mexico City's environment secretary.

Angel Verdugo, who presents a show on the Reporte 98.5 station, encouraged his listeners to "run your vehicles at them immediately, don't give them time to think, and crush them".

His bike-hating rant came after he had a near-collision with cyclists, whom he said were not obeying traffic rules.

He said that pedestrians also face problems because of bicycle riders.

However, his comments were described as "backward" by the environment secretary, who called them "an attack on the cycling community and the citizens of Mexico City".

People in Mexico are being encouraged to use bicycles in an effort to reduce road congestion and pollution.

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