Race the Mille Miglia with new film

Race the Mille Miglia with new film

Mercedes-Benz has created an innovative film to celebrate the best-ever run at the Mille Miglia race which places those watching it in the thick of the action.

The film celebrates the achievements of Sir Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson in 1955, when they completed the 1,000-mile road race in 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds.

The duo averaged 98mph in their Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR - number 722. No one has come close to eclipsing their time, which remains a record.

The W 196 R racers were the most advanced cars on the planet in 1955. While ordinary, run-of-the-mill road cars would struggle to hit 70mph on a straight, they could top 180mph with ease. Only eight examples still exist - and the film features perhaps the most legendary one of them all.

Sixty years on, Sir Stirling Moss has been reunited with the very same car, on the very same roads to retrace the tracks of that epic drive. Viewers can take control of the camera and watch from almost any angle, while three-dimensional sound makes the footage even more vivid. You'll feel as though you're there in the car.

Motoring enthusiasts and racing fans can download the film via iTunes and the Android Store.

The launch of the film comes as this year's edition of the famous race gets under way in Italy.

The Mille Miglia is one of the most beautiful - and challenging - classic car events in the world.

It is now only open to cars produced no later than 1957. Each one must be as it was when it rolled off the production line. Classic car insurance is essential for special motors.

Around 400 or so classic cars are taking part in the race this year.

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