RAC warns of treacherous driving conditions in London and the South-East as call-outs continue to soar as the snow falls

Following yesterday's busiest November day on record, RAC is continuing to receive high levels of call-outs this morning - with calls currently peaking at 2,000 an hour.

Wales, North-West England, West Midlands, London, Kent and the South-East and are the busiest areas, with numbers of rescues in some areas running at twice their levels for a normal Tuesday morning at this time of year.

With temperatures continuing to plummet, and further snow forecast for London and the South-East areas, flat batteries continue to be one of the biggest breakdown problems.

RAC's fleet of 4x4 vehicles are in the worst affected areas and extra Patrols are on the ground to help stranded motorists. Wherever possible, RAC will attempt to fix the problem over the telephone to help drivers get on their way as soon as possible.

Alan Wilcock, RAC Patrol Ambassador of the Year, said: "The sub-zero temperatures are putting a lot of pressure on car batteries.  If possible the car should be kept in the garage, which will give extra protection from the cold weather.

"Additionally, when starting the car in the morning make sure everything is switched off -including fans, blowers and the radio - then put the key in the ignition and switch to the 'on' position for two to three seconds before starting the engine.  These actions will save valuable energy - every volt is precious in cold weather."