RAC warns of ‘Black Ice Monday’ on the roads

RAC warns of ‘Black Ice Monday’ on the roads
Overnight temperatures as low as -11.6C left many parts of the country facing “Black Ice Monday” on the roads.

The RAC expects to attend as many as 11,000 breakdowns on Monday alone – a fifth more than the seasonal norm – as snow turns to ice leaving behind “treacherous driving conditions”.

Pete Williams, the RAC's road safety spokesman warned drivers that journeys will take “two to three times longer”, reminding them to adjust their driving according to local conditions.

Yellow warnings for ice are already in place for most of Wales and central parts of England. The coldest night of the year could yet be recorded on Monday, with the Met Office expecting lows of between -12C and -15C.

Mr Williams said the extent of the weekend’s wintry blast and severe overnight temperatures could cause black ice and urged people to drive slowly, leaving plenty of space between them and the car in front.

“It looks like ‘Black Ice Monday’ for travel, with very severe winter weather. We’ll be incredibly busy on Monday, which is always our busiest day of the week,” he said.

“I think the big thing is people are not going to leave enough time.”

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The RAC is asking drivers to consider whether or not their journey is essential, or if they can delay it and travel later.

“The RAC is expecting to attend around 11,000 breakdowns today – that’s seven every minute – and will be attending members with everything from tired flat batteries to minor accidents, shunts and bumps,” Mr Williams said. 

In a video posted to the RAC Facebook page, Mr Williams mentioned the importance of drivers taking time to check their “winter forces”.

Among these key elements are everyday essentials, such as ensuring plenty of fuel is in the vehicle’s tank and the oil levels are topped up. Drivers should also check their tyre tread, with a minimum of 2-3mm essential.

Motorists are also urged to check their wiper blade is working effectively, coolant level is topped up, lights all around the car are working – fog lights in particularly – and that they have plenty of screen wash.

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