RAC Telematics Creating a More Efficient Fleet

Director of RAC Business Services David Aldridge explains why the fuel efficiency RAC Telematics provides is at the forefront of its commitment to fleet managers.

Making the statement that fleet managers and operators find themselves on a daily quest to improve fuel efficiency is unlikely to cause major shockwaves through our industry.

However, while this has traditionally been a never-ending struggle to focus on finding the best routes, optimise the fleet itself or try and avoid congested times of day, there is no doubt that more businesses than ever recognise the impact driver behaviour can have on the bottom line.

Of course, this includes decreasing levels of general wear and tear, but with fuel costs at record highs, the single biggest benefit for fleet managers is improving an employee’s driving ability and awareness as this creates significant savings at the pump. This is an understanding that is truly revolutionising how fleets operate.

And, as the UK’s most progressive motoring organisation with more than 1700 patrols out on the UK’s roads, we have investigated cutting-edge technology to help us really understand how we can in turn serve our customers.

For example, before the launch of our RAC Telematics product in September we installed it in our fleet for around 18 months to get under the skin of its benefits and ensure we could ‘walk the walk’. With fuel savings of 17% over this period and incredibly positive feedback from our patrol colleagues, we now know for certain that we can pass on these benefits to our partners.

But it doesn’t stop there. The insight into how our business breakdown cover works means that we were able to see which drivers had better mileage and why. We could then also help other patrols to understand more about their own accelerations and deceleration as well as idling.

Research with our business partners show that fleet managers and their drivers recognised a saving of approximately two hours per car through the delivery of automatic, ‘taxman-friendly’ mileage records. This was as well as better management of vehicles through trackability and location, i.e. maximising meeting schedules or deliveries based on driver location.

All of this means we are passionate about the capabilities of RAC Telematics in maximising fuel efficiency and, as we’re just as passionate about business, want to pass on these benefits to support growth where it matters most.

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