RAC response to ASDA fuel cut

RAC technical director David Bizley says: “We are relieved to see a major fuel retailer finally reducing the cost of petrol and diesel at the pump in response to a reduction in the price of oil.

“We hope that others will do the right thing and follow suit so that our members and motorists across the UK can benefit. Normally fuel retailers are quick to raise fuel prices when the oil cost of oil goes up and slow to bring them down when it drops. Perhaps the Office of Fair Trading’s fuel review announcement is already affecting the market.

“Unfortunately this is only part of the problem as the price motorists pay on the forecourt is at least 60% duty. As a supporter of FairFuelUK, RAC is lobbying the Government to reduce the amount of tax on petrol and diesel. We believe this will actually help to stimulate the economy and generate more income for the Government.”