RAC patrols equipped with battery diagnostic kits

RAC patrols equipped with battery diagnostic kits
RAC Patrols are being equipped with state-of-the-art battery testers that will enable them to carry out full roadside diagnostic checks on the health of a vehicle’s battery.

Breakdowns involving batteries are the number one cause of RAC call-outs. However, advances in battery technology are making them increasingly tough to deal with.

New car features, for example stop-start-technology and heated seats, put new demands on car batteries, meaning today’s batteries must withstand more demand on their resources than before.

RAC technical director Phil Ryan said: “The RAC Midtronics battery diagnostic tester brings a new level of quality, accuracy and consistency to breakdown battery testing from one device.

“One particular benefit is a significant improvement in the testing accuracy of partially discharged batteries, allowing our patrols to give members a definitive opinion on their battery’s health or on that of the vehicle’s starting and charging system.

“The unit carries out a five-minute charge acceptance test, which displays both the battery’s cranking state of health – the ability to start the vehicle – and its reserve capacity. This gives patrols a final decision on whether a battery is fit for purpose or needs replacing.

“Sometimes the battery can be the victim and not the cause. There can be occasions where an inferior testing device shows that a battery needs replacing when in fact it is actually a symptom of a wider problem in the vehicle’s starting and charging system.

“This may lead to a new battery being damaged or flattened in a short space of time, which can be very frustrating for all concerned.

“Fortunately, this is one challenge that RAC patrols will no longer have to face going forwards.”

After testing a vehicle’s starting and charging system the RAC member can ask the patrol for the detailed report to be emailed, providing them with a permanent record.