RAC offers support after rogue dealer car-clocking increase

RAC offers support after rogue dealer car-clocking increase
Calls for action to stamp out car clocking are being backed by the RAC, after new figures show a 10% increase last year.

The RAC wants to see the practice of clocking made illegal and a ban on the sale of mileage correction devices.

It is also urging motorists to minimise the risk of ending up with a clocked second-hand car by doing their homework before buying.

As well as the RAC's pressure on the government the Local Government Association (LGA) also wants action in the wake of the new figures, which show car-clocking increased by 10% between March and October 2015.

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Millions of miles have been knocked off odometers by rogue dealers, the LGA says, and this artificially inflates prices and leaves motorists at risk of facing expensive repair bills for hidden – not to mention potentially dangerous – mechanical problems.

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The LGA wants a proposed EU ban on firms offering mileage correction services to be brought forward and retained under UK law.

At the moment a legal loophole means, while it’s against the law to sell a car without disclosing its true mileage, it isn’t illegal to actually alter an odometer’s mileage.

a legal loophole means it isn’t illegal to actually alter an odometer’s mileage

Mike Hall, the RAC’s head of vehicle inspections, says while some drivers may be using clocking services or even buying devices online themselves to avoid exceeding specified mileage limits on vehicle purchase contracts, most cases are down to unscrupulous dealers.

He says: “Prospective buyers investing thousands of pounds in a used vehicle are always encouraged to do their homework.

“Thoroughly examine the vehicle’s paperwork and MOT history to check that the mileage matches its service history and look for disproportionate wear on the vehicle to assess whether it is as good as it looks.

“It is always wise to get an online vehicle history check which for just a few pounds can reassure you that the vehicle has not been stolen, written off or subject to outstanding finance.”

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Mr Hall adds: “However, identifying a vehicle that has been clocked can be very tricky and some rogue dealers will go to great lengths to disguise a vehicle which has done excessive miles.  

“A comprehensive inspection by an experienced vehicle inspector will give you reassurance about the mechanical condition of the car which could save you a fortune in service and repair bills.

“The RAC would like to see mileage correction devices banned from sale and is calling on the Government to review current legislation to make it illegal to physically wind back the mileage of a vehicle to protect the rights of used car buyers.”

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