RAC Breakdown patrols at Glastonbury

Glastonbury was once again a rocking success, but having 135,000 festival goers in one place is bound to generate more than a few car problems.

We had a expert team of RAC breakdown patrols on site at Worthy Farm throughout the festival to fix members’ cars and help them to get home safely, and we achieved an impressive 98% repair rate. Our patrols were so dedicated that, even after the competition had gone to bed, they stayed up all through the night, fixing all kinds of faults from dodgy alternators to holes in engines as well as helping 22 members who were locked out of their cars and another five who had lost their keys.

People were amazed that we could fix their cars straightaway and that we didn’t have to call in the recovery trucks. One customer, who had a big hole in the bottom of his engine, asked how long he’d have to wait for the recovery truck to arrive. When I told him that we could fix it there and then, he was astounded. And, that was the same with another customer who had a burnt-out clutch.

It was great to see a constant flow of customers so surprised and happy that we were on site and able to provide such a wide variety of services including allowing new members to purchase breakdown cover by paying cash. It would have been a real downer to such a great festival to have to have your car sent home on a truck.

We had a team of 10 breakdown patrols on site each day from Wednesday to Tuesday. Monday was by far the busiest day as most people were going home. We also had a dedicated Volkswagen Assist technician who came to the rescue of several VW customers by coding them new keys.

We were just surprised and a little bit relieved that we didn’t end up fixing far more vehicles, but that’s because the weather was better than it often is.

Richard Baillie

RAC Service Delivery Manager for the South West