Puncture proof tyres move closer

Puncture proof tyres move closer

Flat tyres could soon be a thing of the past.

Tyre maker Bridgestone has revealed plans to introduce its AirFree concept tyre on road-going cars within the next three to five years.

The un-puncturable tyres work by having closely-set and diagonally aligned splines supporting the wheel rim and providing a measure of suspension, while still offering enough rigidity for everyday use on the road.

Plastic centres, meanwhile, leave just a thin strip of rubber on the outer edge of the wheel, unlike tyres at present.

No pressurised cavity means the tyre cannot be punctured or rendered unsafe.

Even run-flat pneumatic tyres currently available to drivers impose speed and distance limits following a loss of pressure, but Bridgestone hopes the AirFree concept will represent a significant step forward in this area.

The Japanese company, which made the announcement at a special event at its headquarters in Tokyo, is likely to introduce a choice of wheel colours in due course if the idea turns out to be successful.

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