'Puncture no spare' calls will rise

'Puncture no spare' calls will rise

A cut-down on fitting spare tyres in vehicles is expected to result in 120,000 "puncture no spare" call-outs in 2014.

The forecast comes from the RAC which has installed a new fleet of mobile tyre-fitting patrols. In 2013, it handled 356,927 tyre-related breakdowns alone. The worsening state of the road network is thought to be compounding the problem.

Up to half of all new models nowadays are leaving out a spare wheel at manufacture in order to save weight in pursuit of lower carbon dioxide emissions.

The RAC is bringing in a fleet of 10 specialist Mercedes Sprinter tyre-fitting vans to back up its patrols. The existing patrols themselves use an advanced in-house-developed universal spare wheel.

RAC head of technical Phil Ryan said: "The RAC's new dedicated fleet of mobile tyre-fitting patrols will ensure that we can respond to the growing number of members and motorists who suffer a puncture only to discover their car does not carry a spare.

"Suffering a puncture is a very common problem and we wanted to be able to offer motorists an effective solution which would enable them to get back on the road in the shortest time possible."

It is expected that the 10 new vans will mainly cover the busiest urban centres, where drivers will benefit most from a faster service that doesn't involve taking the car to a garage

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