Public transport satisfaction low

A survey has revealed just 57% of people are satisfied with public transport, while 62% are happy with roads and highways.

In a public services poll drinking water and sewage services came out top with 88% of people happy with these services.

The poll for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) also showed people living in Scotland were happiest with public transport, while those aged 35-44 and 45-54 were least satisfied.

Public transport was revealed to be the area most people considered major infrastructure work was needed most, followed by roads and highways.

Tom Foulkes, ICE director general, said: "It's good to see civil engineers and the general public are of the same mind when it comes to such important issues.

"We need a great deal of investment in our transport infrastructure to ensure we deliver a transport system which offers people real choice and improves our quality of life.

"As we highlighted in our recent transport report, a fully-integrated public transport network that is affordable, accessible and efficient is key to achieving these goals."

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