Protesters see red over traffic woe

Protesters saw red as they attempted to draw attention to the heavy traffic in their Dorset village.

The team of 15 peaceful demonstrators continually pressed the button on a pedestrian crossing in order to cause a tailback.

Traffic was held up on the A35 in Chideock in the protest on Tuesday.

Retired aircraft fitter Tony Fuller, 77, led the team of activists, who repeatedly pressed the button before halting cars, crossing the road and then starting the process again.

The single-lane A35 offers picturesque views of the Jurassic Coast but is in danger of becoming a "rat run" unless a bypass is built, protesters say. Police said the action "did not cause a great hold-up", although long tailbacks were reported during the afternoon.

Grandfather Mr Fuller, whose health has suffered in the past eight years, told the Bridport News: "The whole idea is to cause as much chaos as we can without anybody being injured.

"Someone suggested we lay in the road. It was a lovely idea but would be far too risky. The traffic and pollution problem has been increasing for 30 years and nothing has been done to address the fears of the local population or to address this stressful situation."

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