Product recalls jump 12% in 2010

Recalls of products in the UK had reached a record high in 2010, leaping 12% as more and more car manufacturers recalled vehicles for faults, figures from a city law company have revealed.

According toReynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC), an aggregate of 229 goods were recalled during the year from various sectors, ranging from consumer products to food and pharmaceuticals. This was a climb from the 205 consumer products recalled in 2009.

Figures reveal that 2010 saw a higher number of product recalls return to the UK, after there had been a drop witnessed in 2009.

Though a great number of recalls came from manufacturers such as Toyota, BMW, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari, defective Chinese goods ended up accounting for 62% of recalls.

Consumer toys represented 43% of all Chinese products recalled, according to the study.

Stuart White,RPC partner, said: "Despite China's continued efforts to improve safety standards, the huge proportion of recalls deriving from Chinese products shows that the problem with standards in China has not gone away.

"Toy recalls from China are very common. The problem is partly caused by the demands of the toy industry to bring new products to market rapidly."

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