Prisoners face longer driving bans

Prisoners face longer driving bans

Driving bans will be extended to take account of time spent in jail for road traffic offences if plans being considered by Parliament are approved.

At present, prisoners can "seen out" bans while in prison. The Coroners and Justice Bill will stop such jail time being taken into account when determining the length of disqualifications.

Courts will instead be able to extend bans for jailed offenders, up to the equivalent of half the time spent in prison.

The Ministry of Justice has said that road-traffic offenders must face the full consequences of the punishment for their offences.

It adds that when an offender commits a road-traffic offence that attracts both a jail sentence and a ban, it is essential for public confidence in the criminal justice system that the disqualification has the full effect.

A ministry spokesman said: "We want to ensure that the full impact of any driving ban be felt after the prison term has been completed."

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