Prince Harry buys new superbike

Prince Harry has filled his garage with another motorbike after buying a brand-new Ducati 848.

The fun-loving royal and his brother Prince William are both said to be bike-mad.

Harry's new addition has had Italian Tricolore sprayed onto it, according to the Daily Mail.

He already owns a trial bike and a Triumph, but will be slightly outshone by his older brother's Ducati 1198 Superbike.

In the past both the Princes took part in a 1,000-mile motorbike charity trek across South Africa in 2009

A friend of Prince Harry told the Daily Mail: "Harry loves his motorbikes and has absolutely no fear - which may, or may not, be a good thing! William has been winding him up for months so he was the first person he told about his new 'baby' and he heartily approves.

"Both William and Harry enjoy the anonymity that putting on their leathers and taking to the road.

"No-one knows who they are and in the biking world people just treat them as one of the lads, which they love."

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