Presenter McCloud wins eco-car race

A television presenter has claimed first place in an eco-friendly car race to promote the benefits of sustainable travel.

Kevin McCloud and Mulberry label creator Roger Saul raced across the country in electric-powered Californian Telsa supercars.

They started the race in Birmingham with help from the Prince of Wales and then headed to the finish point at Clarence House in London.

The eco-cars, which can reach a top speed of 125mph, were also attempting to beat the Prince's royal train back to the capital.

Charles was travelling to his residence from the Midlands after a four-day tour highlighting green living across the country.

McCloud's car travelled by motorway while Saul used A roads and both hit heavy traffic. The presenter and designer made it back first to Charles's London home Clarence House around 7.30pm - 20 minutes ahead of his opponent - after setting off around 3pm.

The pair were also hoping to beat the royal train but the prince arrived in the capital well ahead of the drivers.

The journey by electric car cost £2 - £2.50 compared with around £13.67 for a vehicle that does 45 miles to the gallon.

Drivers will welcome the lower fuel costs as they face risingcar insurance andbreakdown cover costs.

Saul said: "We've done this to show the public there are alternative forms of transport out there.

"Education is going to be the way forward. Many of the manufacturers are starting to come on board with their green production line cars."

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